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Angel’s Journal, Entry Five: “A Drama of Choices!”

Journal Entry:

All is quiet now, all the tumult having died away and The Master laid into His borrowed Tomb. Now… there is… TIME!

“TIME”… that principle difference between human and angelic consciousness and thought. “TIME”… that “tick/tock” thing that people experience between one event and the next, one encounter and the next, one element of a sequence and the next. We don’t have that, we don’t know “delay”. For us, all is “sequence”… one thought follows another, like pages in a book. There is no “space” or “distance”, or “process” or “ponder”. We do not “consider” between “choices”. We CHOSE, we MADE our CHOICE, and now… for us… there is simply “discern-and-do” as to His Majesty’s will.

The other difference, a critical difference, between human and angelic consciousness is “illusion-deceit-falsehood”. We SEE, we truly see. We cannot be deceived or fooled or lied to or misled. Dark Ones cannot paint a false picture before us of specious choices, and tempt us to lean away from His Majesty’s will.

Somehow, all that… both “time” and “falsehood”… are bound up with physical matter. Since we are utterly “spirit”, those subordinate orders of being, those things that depend on material substance and comparison to have meaning, simply don’t. They have no meaning or hold over us.

It was in Eden, in the Garden of Eden, at the beginning of material Creation, when His Majesty and The Master began to weave together the spiritual and the material, the substantive, when both “time” and “falsehood” were realized from the potential to the actual. We angels can “observe” such a state of existence, and we can even “participate in” it from time to time (at His Majesty’s bidding), but we do not… we CANNOT… fully experience or comprehend it.

Facility in both spirit and matter are Divine attributes. His Majesty, The Master, The Radiance… they can all create in both spirit and matter. We cannot. But Man… Man, now… Man is fashioned in His image, can enter fully into Him, and in Him can create in both matter and spirit.

What has all this got to do with the horrendous events that have just passed? Well… EVERYTHING! They have EVERYTHING to do with it!

Because we angels are truly “sons of God” created at His hands… yes. But we are purely spirit, we made ONE and only one “choice” (to embrace Him or to repel Him), and we live apart from material time or illusion, in the Eternal. We are, therefore and fully, “servants” to Him and His will.

Man, on the other hand, lives in the material (though with fully spiritual faculties), is subject to material time (the tick-tock kind), and can be deluded and misled. Therefore, MAN lives in a state of moment-by-moment CHOICE regarding His Majesty and His will. Every moment, man gets to choose to embrace His Majesty and His will, or to repel Him.

And THAT… is EVERYTHING… about these momentous and horrendous events these days…

I wrote last of the exit from the Passover Supper into the Garden of Gethsemane on “Thursday night”. From that exit, and the separation of Judas from the group, The Master knew and tried to prepare His (now) “friends” for what the next 18 hours would bring.

So many things occurred in such a “brief” (humanly speaking) span of time… a person could spend years tracking all the threads of all the drama there. The fears, the ambitions, the delusions, the agendas… The Romans, the Politicians, the Religious Leaders, the Pious, the Exploiters, the Voyeurs, those seeking “Entertainment” (as at a train wreck, a public hanging, or a bloodsport), the confusion.

But we angels saw it all a bit differently. We don’t see all the “bells and whistles”, the “flash and sparkle”. I cannot speak to what others saw, but what *I* saw, with intense clarity, was an astonishing sequence of “choices” made by just a handful of “principal actors”, whose decision sequence summarized what happened throughout the region in those hours.

The Actors?

  • The Master
  • Judas
  • Peter
  • The Disciples/Friends
  • Pontius Pilate
  • The Crowds

I will not go through all of that here right now. The “feelings” are yet too fresh and even (odd to say) “painful”. I’ll get more detail down in entries to follow. But all these entered into a series of “Choice Chains”, sequences of decisions where they could follow their conscience (embrace His Majesty and His will), or they could yield to temptation of fear, pride, or avarice (repel Him).

Judas… his “choice chain” is so short and clear. He is likely to be vilified and condemned for millennia as the iconic “betrayer”. And yes, indeed he was… but look at him, his concerns, his decisions and choices, up alongside Peter… and there are just a couple critical places where they are distinguished.

Anyway, enough for now. More entries later. We yet wait and see what will unfold. At this moment, nearly all are consumed with despair and disappointment. The story seems ended… ended behind a huge stone in a hole in a cliff… and the great Kingdom Story wasn’t supposed to end like this!

More to come…


Journal Entry by — Makarion Nous, Angel 3rd Class, General Duties

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“May I have a word?”

home altarJust a really quick word… almost embarrassing, because it’s such an unexpected and simple thing. I just feel like sharing, for no good discernible reason.

A little while ago, quite unexpectedly in the middle of the night, I “felt like praying”. Don’t know how to describe that, wasn’t anything dramatic or deeply metaphysical, or mysterious… More than anything it was like an itch I needed to scratch.

So, I set my mind that direction, and realized…

I had/have no earthly idea what/who/why I was praying about.

Now, I have a prayer list, and many who have asked for prayer, and many who have not. I have sick friends I pray for muchly. I sin from time to time (I hear your shocked intake of breath there… but yes, yes I do)… and I pray on that once in a while. Or I praise. Or I ask to understand things.

I cannot count the “ways and means” by which I pray, or the number of times I’ve asked the Lord to teach me new ways, and how often He has marvelously answered that request.

But on this occasion, a little while ago, I went to the well… and there was nothing… nothing at all.

I waited for “something”, and it remained “nothing”.

Um, I don’t mean to be flippant or frivolous about anything sacred, but the moment was almost comical. Like, “all dressed up and nowhere to go.” I sat here, “ready and willing to pray”, and nothing at all would come. And I just kept waiting.

Finally, it was rather like… “Lord?” *poke* “Um,” *clear my throat* “Lord? ‘Scuse me… um… prayer? Is there a topic here? What am I to do?”

And it’s not that the answer had words, but just the realization… give Him the TIME, give Him the focus, give Him the breaths and the heartbeats, and let the Holy Spirit pray. I could focus on anything I chose, the local hospital 3 blocks from here, or missionaries and Christians under persecution right now, or sick friends… that was all good. But better, keep my mind clear and just focus on Him alone, as I open this conduit for the Holy Spirit between our time/space world here and now, and His Omnipotence on His Throne.

All He wanted from me was my time and attention, the Holy Spirit would provide the text.

And that was fine. And I did that. And now it is done, and here is an entirely new way to pray. So, just thought I’d share that because He is infinitely and constantly amazing.

Prayer can be such an adventure, no?

Grace to thee, Gentle Reader. — The Little Monk


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