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Gallifreyan Prayer

tardisOK, this may be a confession… but I love “Dr. Who”, don’t you? It’s one of those wonderful areas of overlap that both my daughter and I are “fans” of this decades-long running series of stories.

Of course, we’ll not discuss the fact that MY iconic Dr. Who is Tom Baker, and HERS is David Tennant, but… well… we’ll just move on.

But whether we’re speaking of H.G. Wells or Dr. Who, I think people are fascinated by the topic of “Time”, and have a quiet, but deep desire to somehow “manage” time.

One of the most tremendous “powers” of human consciousness is that we are not bound by time or space. We can visualize, imagine, conceive, and discuss… ideas, even realities, that transcend time and space. For example, I can imagine and discuss ideas about Australia. I’ve never been there, I’ve never held anything in my hands from there. I have had friends from there that I’ve met, known, loved… but, for me, “Australia” is a matter of “faith”, not “experience”.

I have no problem at all with that. My beloved puppy, however… brilliant as I find him to be… cannot share that experience. He cannot imagine or conceptualize “Australia”, or “Victorian times”, or “Jesus’ Triumphal Entry”. Even if he were THERE, he couldn’t conceptualize it, as distinct from the here and now.

This freedom, this transcendence over time and space… this is a “human” thing. This is a spiritual faculty, a part of our Image-of-God-ness.

And yet, we are fascinated by our mental freedom over time, and most of us hold a quiet fascination, perhaps even a yearning, to be able to “act” in time… to change things in other times, whether past or future.

Well, what if we could!? What if we can!?

What if we can transcend time through prayer, just as we realize we can transcend space? I mean, clearly, when you pray for the recovery of Aunt Tillie in Australia in her recuperation from gall bladder surgery… you are using prayer to transcend “space”. You are applying your life, dedicating and donating your own breaths and heartbeats, directing these moments of your life to God in the interests and intercession for Aunt Tillie. You open a “window to grace” where she is, by spending some of your own precious and limited life for her where you are.

So… what if we could do the same thing with time? What if we could engage in Gallifreyan Prayer, transcending time?

For instance, let’s suppose someone has stolen something from me. The Lord says I am supposed to forgive that. But, suppose I have trouble with that? Suppose every time I think about that stolen item I become angry. Suppose every time I think about that person (assuming I know who stole the item), I become angry and feel no love for him/her at all? Worse, suppose I sense my own desire to hurt them? I am not a person who wins such will-contests, such moral arm-wrestling matches with myself, easily.

Several years ago God taught me this cool thing… that I have the power to “redefine the stolen item, as a gift… not a stolen object”. That then, I can redefine the “theft” into a “person collecting a gift to them from me”. Now, is THAT person still accountable before God for the theft? That is between them and Him… above my pay grade. But as to myself, I no longer have to struggle with my mixed feelings about the person. After all, it’s hard to give a gift to someone you don’t love, offense is no longer an issue, and forgiveness is no longer the struggle that it was.

See? When we begin to pray across time, much of 1 Corinthians 13 becomes vastly easier.

Anyway, I just wanted to commend this possibility to you… Try Gallifreyan Prayer, transcending time, particularly regarding issues of “offense” and “forgiveness”.

Grace to thee — The Little Monk

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