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Martian Chronicles – Who Are You?

Mars OneThe last post opened the question of leadership of this project, to establish the First Church of Mars.

As comments and discussion has ensued along this series of posts, I’ve found myself often stilled and humbled at the quality of commentators. All different traditions and denominations… heck, even different continents… and yet, so much the same. So willing to listen more than speak. To ponder more than pontificate. To seek rather than dictate.

It ought not surprise you to hear that I am seldom stunned into silence by an overwhelming wave of humility, but that’s what happened to me towards the close of last week. As I reviewed these discussions, these comments, related comments on other posts on other blogs in this little “network” that seems to have developed… I was stunned with…

An overwhelming sense of the privilege of being counted among such a company.

Don, Paul, VW, ChapLynne, Messenger, Paula, Cate, Levi… so many others… I was gobsmacked by an incredible sense of privilege. The weird thing was, there are times I’ve been overtaken by a sense of “unworthiness” to minister… I’m accustomed to that kind of humility from time to time. But this was quite different. This was to look around the table in great joy, and a sense of amazement at belonging to such a company.

But as my gaze widened beyond just THIS table, there was this tremendous sense of the joy of belonging, the sense of family, among LOTS and LOTS of brethren. A sense of oneness with everyone who simply loves God, and loves in the name of God. Didn’t matter whether “professional” minister or not… not a whit. Didn’t matter what the nature of the gift, or the calling, the vocation, the denomination, none of that. Just the oneness of the love, and the service in and of love.

It’s as if my gaze expanded to include all of Kingdom, all of humanity, all of everyone who God loves and particularly who loves back. Faces upon faces upon faces, all glowing.

And I didn’t know what I was seeing. It was wondrous, breathtaking, startling, and altogether fabulous… but what was it?

And ever so quietly, it seemed Jesus answered so simply, saying… “Saints, Little Monk. You are seeing ‘saints’. These are the people Paul so often addressed in his letters. These are the people of My true church, My true body and bride. These are My children, they populate My kingdom and love in My name.

“Enjoy the moment, Little Monk, you sit at a table populated by saints, and the feeling you sense is simply what *I* mean by… communion.”

Thought you’d like to know. I’m still gobsmacked to sit here.

*As I pour and pass the coffee and tea, and slice some more pie to go around.*


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