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Martian Chronicles: To Infinity… and Beyond!

Mars OneWhat if… what if… God were Infinite?

Yeah, yeah, I know… but what if… what if we BELIEVED it?

Yeah, yeah, I know… but what if… what if we REALLY believed it?

What am I talking about, right? lol

Well, think about that for just a moment.

Richard Rohr writes of the two halves of life… the first half where we struggle to acquire “stuff” and establish our identity, and the second half, where we struggle for meaning and significance. We think of “competition” or “conflict” as somehow a part of our hard-wired nature. We think of the “work ethic”, the struggle to accumulate or to do some task, to take care of ourselves as innate drives or characteristics. All these things.

How many times have we heard someone say or pray something like… “I know You’re really busy, God… taking care of the universe and all… but if You could just spare a moment, I’d really like You to…” *fill-in-the-blank*..

Or how many Christians struggle to be righteous, or worthy of God’s love and grace and kindness… or NOT to be UNWORTHY of it?

Or how many times do Christians consider God to be “paying attention” to them when they pray, or when they’re doing something wrong? (Only).

I guess all this is kind of following from the “Father’s Day” reflection, as combined with the Mars Mission. People, by and large, who have gone into space, have come back profoundly changed. Some have had deeply spiritual experiences, some write poetry, often careers change radically. We can get something of the flavor of this if/when we can get out to a space without artificial lights on a clear and cloudless night. There is something quite mystical about lying in the grass (or on the hood of a car), looking up at literally billions of stars twinkling at us in the darkness.

Infinite… Infinite… what does this even MEAN? Now combine that with God… with love… with grace… with… with “FATHER”?

Have you had the privilege, in your life, of watching your daughter marry? Have you ever seen a picture more beautiful before or since, than she was in those moments, dressed in her bridal gown? THAT is the Father’s heart towards you, towards me, towards all who engage Him… Infinitely.

Have you stood at the altar as a groom, watching that bride approach you to vow your lives together forever? Has your heart ever pounded so with anticipation and joy, before or since? THAT is Jesus’ heart towards you, towards me, towards all who engage Him… Infinitely.

Have you held a baby in your arms, covered them in your love, your protection, your provision? Have you ever felt both so powerful and so protective, before or since? That is God’s heart… well, you know the rest… Infinitely.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What if we believed this? What if we REALLY believed this? What if we were utterly free of the fear of His disapproval, or His absence, or competing for His time or attention or blessing? What if we never worried about displeasing Him with our flaws and frailties… but really believed that His is always there, always guiding, always providing, always encouraging, always correcting… always in utter love, and grace, and provision?

What if we really believed that… Infinitely?

And what if, in the vast vacuum of terrifying space and endless stars in the darkness… What if THIS were the Gospel we felt compelled to share with all those who would hear?

What would that be like? If we believed it?

Or even… what would TODAY be like, if we really believed it right here and now?


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