Church as an Institution

07 Jul

Here’s a very neat and thoughtful consideration of “Church”… its nature, its role, its meaning… as it affects all of us these days. Just thoughts, not dogma. See what you think. — LM

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Since I am in one of those periods in between series of posts, there is something I’ve been thinking about writing, that doesn’t exactly fit neatly into a study of a particular book of the Bible, yet they all seem to have passages that come back to my topic in one way or another. The topic I feel compelled to write about really goes to the very nature of what “church” is all about, and as a result, it goes to the very heart of what following Christ is all about. It really boils down to this: What exactly is “church”?

As I thought about it, I came to realize that there are three things I want to address briefly in this discussion, so I’ll break this into three posts, the first of which will talk about Church as an Institution, the second about “Doing” Church, and the third about…

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