Journey — Seeing in New Ways

14 Mar

Desert CaravanToday, in our journey… it has been an unusual day. I don’t think I’ll be “letting go” of anything, particularly. But have you ever been somewhere that you are just stunned by the beauty of it all? The desert isn’t usually considered beautiful, but it can be.

So, this isn’t really “teaching” or “challenge” or anything like that. This… this evening… is just “sharing”. I just have to affirm something, that may or may not make sense, but I just put it out there because it needs to be witnessed.

Tell you something really strange, Gentle Reader. I can’t even find a Scripture that echoes this. It’s rather that ALL of Scripture echoes this. But anyway… starting a couple weeks ago, I started to be struck by the simple BEAUTY of God. When I start to pray, and there’s words, the words just sort of dwindle away into silence… and there’s just Him… and He’s just… beautiful… and there’s nowhere else to go and nothing else to do.

This may be connected to the “new vision” stuff, and that would be fine. But if so, it’s Him, not me… but, I almost feel silly to say… the “great insight” of today, simply is… “the Beauty of God”, and nothing deep or impressive to say theologically about that.

Lol. *blush* That’s it. It’s been like that now for many days, and prayer works and goes on, yes. There are those who are growing, and those who are ill, and those who have family issues, and those who are off doing incredible mission things for Kingdom… and all those are in my prayer. But, unbidden, at unexpected moments… we can hear this gentle whisper of the Father beckoning us to Him, and there He is, and He just smiles, and He… is… Beautiful.

Grace to thee, Gentle Reader. — The Little Monk


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