Scenic Overlook

23 Oct

HawaiiHail to Thee, Gentle Reader! I hope this is, or has been, a wondrous day for you!

This is just a quick “sniglet”, a note, to mention this really cool little thing God did the other day as I woke up.

As you may know, if you follow this blog, I’ve sort of felt like I’m on a “quest”, a “journey” as the Lord helps me learn and grow in understanding of whatever it means to be a dweller in His Kingdom. Since Spring that has focused with ever greater intensity on Him and His Name as “Love”. Day by day and week by week, this incredibly patient and longsuffering Lord of Hosts works to teach me what that means.

As I hike along this path of gradually growing understanding, I try to leave little milestones along the way for others, through these posts. Thank you, Gentle Readers, for your ongoing prayers and encouragement in these travels… without that, progress would be much slower and harder.

Well anyway, sometimes it feels a bit “uphill”, and sometimes I feel like I’ve made a bit of progress, but then there comes this huge “wake up call”, as God turns a page to a new chapter, and I can feel like I’ve learned nothing at all. Know what I mean? Not deep discouragement or depression or anything like that… just the sense that I wish I were better at this. Or, that I wish I were better, period! lol

It’s one of those stark moments of self-honesty and clarity where we share Paul’s frustration, “The  good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.” (Romans 7:19) Do you ever have those moments, Gentle Reader? Moments where you just look at that, sigh, turn and walk on? Well, from time to time I do. And the other day was just such a day, the Lord kindly brought to my awareness and began to work on a frailty of mine that I thought I’d outgrown… *sigh*.

Well, a couple days ago I awoke to the Lord ever-so-gently waking me, as if with a big smile and gentle hug. Then He said the strangest thing…

“Just remember, Little Monk, the Father is not nearly so concerned with you ‘getting it all right’, or that you DO everything in a way that pleases Him. THAT is not what gives Him the greatest joy. It is the fact that you DESIRE to be pleasing, and the effort you make to get there. THAT’s what gives Him His joy. He is fulfilled by the love of a child that seeks to please Him, far more than how successful the effort!”

It was like pausing for a wonderful rest break on this trek… pulling out onto a scenic overlook… just sitting in quiet wonder alongside Jesus… admiring His view of His Kingdom.

“Encouragement”… Gentle Reader. It was a moment of great encouragement, and I share it with you. If you also journey on this trek, seeking to be and become what the Loving Lord would have us to be… then remind yourself once in a while, it is not the success or failure of our daily efforts to grow in Christlikeness that give Him the greatest pleasure. We’ll have good days and less good days with that. It is the fact that this is the passion of our hearts, fueled by the love we bear Him…

This gives Him great joy indeed!

We’re all in this together. Thank you for praying for this oh-so-frail “work in progress”. Grace to thee! — The Little Monk

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