Have a Perfect Day

22 Jun

One morning recently, as I sat silently waiting on Him, literally sipping my coffee, Jesus said:

“Little Monk, thank Me for the perfect day I am about to give you.”

I blinked, said “Thank you, Lord”, and tried to process this. He laughed, knowing I was obedient, but confused. I was thinking of my upcoming day… middle of a four day week, staff with needs, problems to solve, clients to see. Bad things would happen today, I would have challenges today. I would sin today… guaranteed… several times. I would stumble at times, forget things… *sigh*. I could readily and sincerely thank Him for the gift of the DAY! THAT wasn’t a problem. But the “PERFECT” part… that had me a bit stumped. And He laughed…

“Little Monk. ‘This is the day that *I* have made, and you will rejoice and be glad in it”…. No?”

Yes, Lord. No problem there.

“OK, now, does Anyone Else create ‘days’? Or is it only Me? And are they not a gift to you directly from My Hands?”

“Only You. Only gift. Yes, every breath every heartbeat. Yes.”

“OK, that’s settled then. Now…. do *I* fashion anything, any gift, less than ‘perfect’? Is that even POSSIBLE for Me?”

And I saw this. Of course not. God cannot fashion a “less than perfect gift”… and even were it possible and He did so… He would never give it to a child. This was clear and obvious… but then… what about all the “bad stuff”? Sort of a new twist on “bad things happen… good people”. But I did NOT ask. I just waited. Of course, He knows… asking isn’t an issue with Him.

He went on, “So… how do I tell you to thank Me for the perfect day you are about to have, when you see all that ‘bad stuff’ in it… right?”

“Child, I have laid out for you an absolutely Perfect Day. There will be joy in it, laughter in it, love in it… yes. BUT there will also be challenges in it. You will learn things in it. Together we will heal some, we will share grace, you will speak of Me in many forms and ways. You will also fail in some challenges. You will pass through some dark places and moments, and there your faith will grow. Every time you fail and fall, you bring that to Me and you grow from that. Constantly you pray to grow, and I answer that prayer. Is it not your desire?”

“It is, Lord.”

“Then understand, once and for all here… I craft and fashion a Perfect Day for you, as My Child, every single day. Not all of it ‘feels good’… but that has nothing at all to do with perfection. Every single moment is perfect… for you… and for Me in your life… and for you and Me together. NOW… do you suppose you could thank Me for it again, this time… MEANING it? Not just being obedient?”

I was thunderstruck. I’d never ever seen this before, and I thanked Him with great depth and sincerity.

He closed with this, “Little Monk, I give you a Perfect Day every single day! I want you to thank Me for it every single morning and evening. Now, crafting that for you… that’s My Part, and I do that perfectly, every time. Your Part is to realize that, see that, embrace that, and watch each moment as it unfolds and as I reveal Myself in it. Because I have woven Myself, revelation of Myself, into every single moment of your day. THAT is what MAKES it Perfect.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This has changed my days a great deal. When I was quite young, I was trained in a discipline called “Learning to see God in all things.” I’ll not say I’ve ever LEFT that discipline, but I have to admit, this morning meditation the other day certainly “sharpened my acuity” a great deal.

So there you are, Gentle Reader. My gift to you… my suggestion… that tomorrow morning you begin life with thanking God for the perfect day you are about to have, because He is there, He is in it, woven throughout each moment of it, deep in each breath of it, blessing you with His love and grace with every heartbeat. Together we will move through those moments in our lives, seeking to embrace and realize all that!

Blessings and grace to thee! – Little Monk

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