Benediction on Preaching

20 Jan

Is there a preacher/teacher (or several) that you would bless this day? Here are words The Lord gave me once, that I use each week for the six or so that I lift up to Him.

If they fit, accept them with my blessings… grace to you, Gentle Reader.

May the Grace and Joy of the Father
Fill to overflowing your heart, your mind, your body, and
Your voice today, as you speak to your beloved flock
Gathered in His Service and Love.

Let the Holy Spirit so anoint their hearing,
Their hearts, their minds, and their wills,
That they not even see or hear their human teacher,
But through Jesus’ use of your voice,
they come simply to experience fully
The Father’s Love, the Son’s forgiveness and cleansing,
and the Holy Spirit’s Presence in such a way
That it changes their lives forever.

Dearest and Precious Lord Jesus,
Let these shepherds be wholly transparent in You,
That Your glory be clearly seen, and
That they simply bring You where and
As You command, a vessel in Your service.
For this alone will bring them the greatest joy,
and thus, in You, their greatest rest and strength.

For all that You ever do, Almighty God,
As You speak Light into darkness,
Dispense grace through hope, and
Transform us through the renewing power of Your Word,
We thank and adore You, now and forever. Amen

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